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The new life rehab & Psychiatric center Is the premier drug addiction recovery and rehabilitation center. Located in Islamabad, we are most reliable and leading in the field of recovery from drug addiction and psychological health. the main services of our rehabilitation Centre includes counseling coaching psychotherapy mental health and psychiatric services.


The highly qualified and professional staff that we have for the last many years, our rehabilitation Centre is offering treatment for drug addicts and is one of the leading centers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi offering such services, if one of your loved ones is, or you are suffering from drug addiction or any kind of substance abuse we are offering highly and individualized alcohol treatment and all types of recovery and rehabilitation services in all parts of the world.


At the new life rehabilitation Centre we believe that success is achieved through individualised and highly personal need assessment based Retreat programs and drug abuse recovery treatment. We do not provide or try to sell a one solution for everyone type of treatment and customise the treatment program for drug addiction for every individual. Due to this very reason our programs are customised and tailor made with individual selections based on each individual’s specific requirements with well over hundred treatment programs, we select only the right treatment options that are suitable and helps individuals recover from their addiction with the case assessment and individualized rehabilitation and recovery program recommendations.


Today we are living in a modern society that offers every aspect of life facilitated with the use of technology and advancements in Healthcare are no less an example and the contributions that were once confined to the boundaries of a Hospital are accessible through user friendly portable devices and services can be rendered widely very easily.


The departments of our clinic operate on a 24 hour basis depending on the requirements and expected number of patients incoming at our premises. Our staff is highly trained to facilitate the patients with every way they can they include doctors, nurses, paramedical staff as well as therapists who are helping on a daily basis all the patients to recover from their issues and offering to enhance the capability and capacity of our treatment programs always available for clients to recover from drug addiction.


The team of our experts with global knowledge and excessive experience with access to technology, services, capital and partnerships enable the rehabilitation project to become a large part of our effort. There is a single point of contact which enables the clients to get facilitated with their particular requirements addressed and without any hassle. The new life rehabilitation and psychiatric Health Centre is one of a kind in Pakistan as we are offering services in the field of drug addiction recovery and mental illness treatment programs suited for individuals with particular needs. Span of our services include rehabilitation, counseling, after service relapse prevention, psychotherapy and psychiatric counseling.

We are having qualified professional staff

Since last many years, THE NEW LIFE has been a leader in the field of addiction treatment, and and drug treatment centres in Islamabad and Rawalpindi offer you or your loved one some of the most highly personalized alcoholism treatment, drug rehab, and addiction recovery services anywhere in the world.
Unlike most drug rehab centres THE NEW LIFE will not try to sell you on a ‘high success rate’ for drug rehabilitation, or attempt to fit you into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ alcohol recovery program, because our success comes through personalizing our drug treatment programs in the way we feel best fits your personal situation and needs. For instance, our programs are tailored to you, so we do not publish an on-line schedule at, because with over 100 ancillary rehab program options for you to choose from we can work with you to help ‘custom fit’ our program to who you are, or who you decide to become.

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The new life rehab & Psychiatric centre is the most exclusive addiction treatment center in Pakistan. We are trusted leader in the field of addiction & psychiatry. Our services include rehabilitation, counseling services, psychotherapy and psychiatric services